Brian C. Mock Appointed Province Polemarch

PHILADELPHIA — At the conclusion of the virtual 85th Grand Chapter Meeting of Kappa Alpha Psi® Fraternity, Inc., the re-elected Grand Polemarch [International President] Reuben A. Shelton III, Esq. today announced the appointment of five new Province Polemarchs [Regional Presidents] — Marcus D. Bailey; Chauncy E. Haynes; Michael L. Kinloch; Brian C. Mock; and William A. Puder — to lead the East Central, Southern, Northern, Southeastern, and Southwestern Provinces respectively.

The newly appointed Province Polemrchs begin their duties effective August 1, 2021. Province Polemarchs serve as chief administrative officers for each region and are responsible for managing operations, oversight and programing of the region, and working closely with the Grand Polemarch to move the Fraternity forward.

“During such a pivotal time in our nation with the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing racial injustice, I, with full confidence, appoint these men to lead their respective regions,” said Grand Polemarch Shelton. “These smart, accomplished, innovative brothers will partner with me and the 34th administration as the Fraternity continues to grow, change and charter new waters. I appreciate the work of their predecessors and am excited about the new leadership and their unceasing dedication to upholding the ideals of Kappa Alpha Psi.”

About Brian C. Mock

Brian C. Mock will lead the Southeastern Province which comprises Georgia, South Carolina, South Africa, and Nigeria. He is a spring 1999 initiate of the Albany State University Chapter, the Delta Xi of Kappa Alpha. Mock earned an MPA and bachelor’s degree in marketing from Albany State University and is currently the executive director of Customer Experience for a local health care provider in Georgia. Mock is currently a member of the Stockbridge-Jonesboro (GA) Alumni Chapter and has received numerous awards including the Southeastern Province Polemarch’s Award, and Advisor of the Year (78th Grand Chapter Meeting). Among other roles, he has served as Senior Province Vice Polemarch (Southeastern), and Nominating Committee Chairman for the Grand Chapter.

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