Decatur (GA) Alumni Helps Prevent Violence

In efforts to bring a greater understanding of gender equality into the Decatur (GA) Alumni Chapter’s Guide Right/Kappa League mentoring program, the chapter recently partnered with Men Stopping Violence (MSV) and the DeKalb County Office of the Solicitor General who received an Engaging Men grant from the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) as an initiative to help reduce male violence against women in the DeKalb County community. Men Stopping Violence engages Kappa Alpha Psi Alumni/Kappa League members in the following: Because We Have Daughters, Summer Internships for Kappa League members, and Building Strong Communities Kappa Education Sessions. MSV plans on expanding their work with other Kappa Alpha Psi alumni chapters in the metro Atlanta area to impact young men in the Kappa League/ Guide Right mentoring programs. 

Because we have daughters, the program provides a unique opportunity for fathers to learn about their daughters’ realities by sharing fun and educational 

activities. This program helps men understand what it would be like for their daughters, and all women, to live fully and freely without fear of violence. The Building Strong Communities: Kappa Education Sessions provide men the knowledge and tools they need to teach the Kappa Leaguers the importance of gender-equality. In addition, men learn the unhealthy norms of masculinity that lead to abusive and controlling behaviors. The partnerships also links Kappa Leaguers to six-week paid internships for high school juniors and seniors to prepare them to be sexual assault prevention leaders on college campuses. 

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