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History of the Southeastern Province

The Southeastern Province was among the first provinces established. The first brother identified as a Southeastern Province Polemarch was Deaver P. Young, a 1921 charter initiate of the Omicron. Young was an educator, who was also instrumental in establishing the Baltimore (MD) Alumni Chapter in 1921. In 1928, Alexander Moore Shearin was identified as a Southeastern Province Polemarch. Shearin helped establish the Durham (NC) Alumni Chapter in 1921. In 1930, J. M. Hubbard was identified as a Southeastern Province Polemarch. Hubbard was the second Polemarch of the Durham (NC) Alumni Chapter. In 1931, William Henry Greene was the Southeastern Province Polemarch. Greene was the Eastern Province Polemarch in 1930 and some believe this was perhaps a typo. Xenophon Neal and Ray Ware were both Pi initiates; a masonic lodge in Georgia – X.L. Neal Lodge #5888 – is named for Brother Neal. n Alan P. Smith, a 1918 Gamma initiate, who helped establish the Tuskegee (AL) Alumni Chapter, is identified as the Southeastern Province Polemarch in 1943-50. In 1935, with the forming of the modern day Middle Eastern Province, the Southeastern Province ceded the chapters in the state of North Carolina. At the 40th Grand Chapter meeting, the states of Alabama and Florida became the Gulf Province, later named the new Southern Province.

Southeastern Province Polemarchs

1. Deaver P. Young (1926-1928)
2. Alexander Moore Shearin (1928-1929)
3. J. M. Hubbard (1930)
4. William Henry Greene (1931)
5. Xenophon L. Neal (1932)
6. Marcellus Henderson (1933)
7. J. M. Hubbard (1933-1935)
8. A. B. Wright (1936-1937)
9. Ray B. Ware (1939-1942)
10. Alan P. Smith (1943-1950)
11. Toussant L. Hale (1950-1951)
12. W. Dickerson Donnelly (1951-1952) Savannah (GA) Alumni
13. Dr. Joseph Roosevelt Jenkins (1952-1967) Savannah (GA) Alumni
14. John E. McCall (1967-1967) Cheraw (SC) Alumni
15. Joseph A. Johnson (1967-1977) Columbia (SC) Alumni
16. Dr. Cornelius W. Grant (1977-1982) Albany (GA) Alumni
17. Melvin T. “Mel” Solomon (1982-1985) Atlanta (GA) Alumni
18. James B. Hardy (1985-1988) Columbia (SC) Alumni
19. W. Kenneth Jackson, Sr. (1988-1993) Atlanta (GA) Alumni
20. Preston Smith (1993-1996) Greenville (SC) Alumni
21. Dr. Stanley J. Pritchett, Sr. (1996-2002) Atlanta (GA) Alumni
22. Chester Leaks (2002-2005) Columbia (SC) Alumni
23. James E. Freeman (2005-2007) Atlanta (GA) Alumni
24. Solomon S. Bradley (2007-2011) Greenville (SC) Alumni
25. Lawrence H. Davis, Jr. (2011-2015) Carrollton-Douglasville (GA) Alumni
26. E. Delane Rosemond (2015-Present) Greenville (SC) Alumni

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