Province History

A Brief History of The Southeastern Province

Today, the Southeastern Province has grown to include the States of Georgia, South Carolina, South Africa, Nigeria, and the United Arab Emirates.

Regions Became Provinces

At the 15th Grand Chapter meeting, the Fraternity experienced another adjustment when the regions were renamed Provinces and the Directors were renamed Province Polemarchs. A search of the origin of the word suggests that is comes from the Latin word provincere meaning jurisdiction. It is unclear why the members chose a Latin reference to a geographic area but continued to incorporate a Greek word, Polemarch from the ancient Greek word polemarchos, meaning war leader of war lord.


The Beginning

The history of the Southeastern Province dates back to 1926. At that time the Province included the following chapters, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Alabama. The first Province Polemarch was Deaver P. Young.


The Province cedes North Carolina

With the forming of the Middle Eastern Province, the Southeastern Province ceded the chapters in the state of North Carolina.


Moving Forward

A proposed division of the Province was discussed at the 38th Grand Chapter Meeting in Detroit


The Furture

A proposed division of the Province was discussed at the 38th Grand Chapter Meeting in Detroit


A New Beginning

In December, the division of the Province was authorized at the 40th Grand Chapter meeting in Kansas City. The states os South Carolina and Georgia remained members of the Southeastern Province. The states of Alabama and Florida were designated as the Gulf Province. However, before the first meeting of the new province, the name was changed to the Southern Province.


It's Official

The official action of renaming the Province was taken at the 41st Grand Chapter Meeting in Indianapolis, December 26-29, 1951. W. Dickerson Donnelly, Polemarch of the Southeastern Province and Toussaint Hale, the appointed Polemarch of the Gulf Province, at the close of the 40th Grand Chapter Meeting, presided jointly at the first annual meeting.


First Virtual Province Council

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and in accordance with the COVID-19 guidelines set forth by the Grand Chapter, the Southeastern Province held it's first Virtual Province Council in August of 2020. Province Council normally takes place in the Spring. However, the COVID-19 pandemic completely changed the wasy

August 28-29, 2020

Second Virtual Province Council

As the pandemic persists throughout the United States and the World. With Province Polemarch E. Delane Rosemond at the helm, the Southeastern Province continued to move forward with the fraternity's business in a safe and compliant manner and held its second virtual Province Council.

April 17, 2021

Brian C. Mock Appointed the 27th Southeastern Province Polemarch

Brian C. Mock is the 27th Province Polemarch of the Southeastern Province. He is Executive Director of Customer Experience at Pruitt Health and hails from Cuthbert, GA. Brian is a 1999 initiate of the Delta Xi at the Albany State University.

August 1, 2021